4th Point is an American alternative Christian rock band from the Chicago area. In 2011, the band formed with the hope of creating honest music that they believe in. Influenced by the sounds and styles of artists like Switchfoot and Skillet, 4th Point brings passion to their performances through endless energy, sincerity, and crowd interaction. The band’s relatable lyrics and upbeat music are undeniable on the stage and reflected in their four full-length albums. 4th Point has shared the stage with national touring artists Switchfoot, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, HINDER, NF, RED, COLD, ISLANDER, Big Daddy Weave, Colton Dixon, Disciple, GFM and many more.

Early on, the band started as a youth worship band at a local church’s weekly youth group. From this experience stemmed a new passion for the band to take their message beyond the walls of their own church. In 2011 the band began playing at local events. They soon started traveling the state and eventually expanded farther. 4th Point’s experience spans a wide variety of venues and events, including Christian festivals, town festivals, youth camps and retreats, church events, as well as the national stage. 4th Point has performed at several Christian Festival Association (CFA) festivals including Big Ticket Festival (Gaylord, MI), Lifest (Oshkosh, WI), Unity Christian Music Festival (Muskegon, MI), and Sonshine Festival (Somerset, WI). 4th Point is striving to spread their music, seeking new platforms to bring their message of hope and inspiration to audiences nationwide.

4th Point has garnered over 4+ million streams for their own original music world-wide, along with over a million YouTube channels views for the band’s 4 independent studio albums. The band’s most recent releases have gained national recognition on Spotify editorial playlist for “Top Christian Rock” and “New Music Friday Christian”. Performing both at the local and national level since 2012, 4th Point has had a long performance history of national festivals, town festivals, conferences, youth retreats, private events, music venues and more.

Band Members

Matt Ellis – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Joe Valliquette – Lead Guitar
Bryce Knight – Bass
Bradley Kus – Drums


• 2017 – Second place in the nationwide talent search at Unity Christian Music Festival (Muskegon, MI), a member festival of the national Christian Festival Association (CFA)

• 2016 – Second place in the nationwide talent search at Unity Christian Music Festival (Muskegon, MI), a member festival of the national CFA

• 2016 – Top three finalist in the nationwide talent search at Sonshine Festival (Somerset, WI), a member festival of the national CFA

• 2015 – Winner of the nationwide talent search at Lifest (Oshkosh, WI), a member festival of the national CFA

• 2013 – State champion of the Illinois Battle of the Bands, competing against more than 100 talented bands across the state in numerous local and regional competitions.

• 2013 – Top four finalist in the nationwide talent search competition at SpiritSong Fest (Cincinnati, OH), a member festival of the national CFA

  • 2013 – Performance at National Christian Conference Simply Youth Conference

Notable Venues & Performances

  • Cubby Bear Wrigleyville, 3/1/24
  • The Forge, Joliet, IL 2024 (With Hinder)
  • Bottom Lounge, Chicago IL 2023 (With COLD)
  • The Forge, Joliet IL 2022 (With Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
  • RocHaus, Dundee IL 2022 (With Islander +GFM)
  • Brauer House, Glendale Heights 2021 (Wth Disciple
  • Q-Bar, Schaumburg IL 2020
  • Lifest, Oshkosh WI 2015 (Winner of National Talent Search) 
  • Sonshine Music Festival, 2016 (With Switchfoot, RED, NF
  • Unity Christian Music Festival, Muskegon MI 2016, 2017
  • Big Ticket Festival, 2015
  • Bratfest, Madison WI 2016 & 2017 (With Colton Dixon, Lybecker, Veridia) 
  • Mount Prospect Fest
  • Mokena Summer Music Nights
  • Taste of Lemont
  • Bartlett 4th of July Festival
  • The Venue, Aurora IL 2018
  • Sugar Grove Cornboil 2013 & 2014 (With Big Daddy Weave, Sidewalk Prophets)
  • LiveWire Lounge Chicago, 2022


4th Point has released four full-length albums.

Artisan Soul  (November 10th, 2023)

Introducing the highly anticipated fourth studio album from 4th Point, titled “Artisan Soul,” released on November 10th, 2023. Embodying the essence of artistic mastery, this album is a testament to the profound connection between the soul and the craft.

“You and I are Artisan Souls – born to be artisans in our crafts, to flourish in our unique creativity, and to bring beauty, light, and truth into this world,” echoes throughout the album, serving as the guiding philosophy. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, “Artisan Soul” is a compelling exploration of the tension that often pulls individuals towards the sidelines, tempting them to accept the status quo instead of embracing the artisan life they were destined for.

Marking a significant milestone for 4th Point, this album stands out as their first-ever fully self-produced, recorded, and mixed masterpiece. The result is a seamless blend of musical innovation and introspective lyricism, inviting listeners on a transformative journey.

Each track on “Artisan Soul” unveils a layer of the soul’s intricate tapestry, addressing the universal struggle to break free from conformity and embrace one’s unique creative calling. From the opening notes to the final crescendo, the album weaves a narrative that resonates with the core of human experience.

New Horizons EP  (April 8, 2021)

In April, 2021, 4th Point released their first ever fully self-produced EP entitled “New Horizons”. Recorded in their own studio, the EP embraces a new season for the band. Amongst the on-going changes in the world post 2020 and changes within the band itself. New Horizons embodies a familiar but also new sound in the bands catalog. 

Fault Lines  (June 1, 2018)
In June, 2018, 4th Point released their third album, Fault Lines, which was recorded and engineered at Moody Bible Institute by Ryan McConnaughay. Fault Lines represents the division between who the world says we should be and who we were created to be, challenging us to make a conscious choice and embrace the path we believe in. This collection of 12 original songs manifests the idea that we are in pursuit of the truest version of ourselves and are not altered by the voices that surround us.

Battlefields  (July 12, 2015)
In July, 2015, 4th Point released their second album, Battlefields, which was recorded and engineered at Moody Bible Institute by Ryan McConnaughay. While still encapsulating the band’s unending passion and energy, this new album unveiled a new sound and personality. Consisting of 14 original songs, Battlefields represents the journey of humanity seeking victory in the conflict within ourselves, raising questions, examining our intentions, and inspiring us to search for something much greater.

The Search and the Find  (February 24, 2013)
4th Point worked with Pumpkin Studios and two-time Grammy-nominated recording engineer Gary Loizzo (Styx, REO Speedwagon, Liza Minnelli, etc.), who engineered, recorded, and mastered their debut album, The Search and the Find.  Released in February, 2013, the album consists of 12 original songs that represent a journey of discovery in the search for truth, hope, unconditional love, and the security of redemption.

Performance History

July 15th – Rochaus with ISLANDER & GFM BAND, West Dundee IL
Sept 18th – Livewire Lounge, Chicago IL 
Oct 15th – BarleyPop Live, Madison WI
Nov 19th – The Back Bar, Janesville WI

Dec 17th – WC Social Club
Dec 9th – The Compass Church
Nov 6th – The Forge
With Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Jul 11-15         Geneva, IL
Feb 19-21      Baraboo, WI
​Feb 12-13       Geneva, IL

Aug 29          Wheaton, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Aug 18           Dyer, IN Summer Music Series
Jul 31             Aurora, IL (Private Event)
May 22          Chicago, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Apr 25           Glendale Heights, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Apr 24           Oswego, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Apr 17-19       Aurora, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Mar 13           Barrington, IL (canceled – covid-19)
Feb 28          Aurora, IL
Jan 10-12      Tustin, MI

Dec 6            Glendale Heights, IL (Brauer House)
Oct 12            Manistee, MI
Sep 21           West Chicago, iL
Jul 13             West Chicago, IL (Railroad Days)
Jul 6              Bartlett, IL (Bartlett Fest)
Jun 26          West Chicago, IL
Jun 6             Mokena, IL (Summer Concert Series)
May 1             Lombard, IL
Apr 26           Bourbon, MO
Mar 1              Greenfield, IL
Feb 22           Schaumburg, IL
Jan 25-27      Newark, IL
Jan 11-13        Tustin, MI

Nov 2-4        Jacksonville, IL
Sep 20          Deerfield, IL
Sep 5             Geneva, IL
​Aug 11             West Chicago, IL (Railroad Days)
Aug 5             Roselle, IL (Taste of Roselle)
Jul 14             Lemont, IL
Jul 8-13          West Chicago, IL
Jul 8               Rosemont, IL
Jul 7               Bartlett, IL
Jun 30           Assumption, IL (Assumption Fest)
Jun 24-29     Chicago, IL
Jan 26-28     Baraboo, WI
Jan 19-21       Baraboo, WI

Dec 12           St. Charles, IL
Oct 14-15       New Windsor, IL
Aug 12           Muskegon, MI
Aug 3             Hampshire, IL
Jul 30            Sugar Grove, IL (Corn Boil0
Jul 26            Chicago, IL
​Jul 21             Streator, IL
Jul 20            DeKalb, IL
Jul 16             McHenry, IL
Jul 9-14          West Chicago, IL
Jul 6               West Chicago, IL
Jul 1                Bartlett, IL (Bartlett Fest)
Jun 30            Potosi, WI
Jun 25-30      Polo, IL
May 27           Madison, WI (Bratfest)
May 26           Madison, WI (Bratfest)
Apr 29            Potosi, WI
Apr 21             West Chicago, IL
Jan 27-29      Baraboo, WI
Jan 20-22      Baraboo, WI
Jan 13-15        Tustin, MI

Nov 17            West Chicago, IL
Nov 4-6          St. Louis, MO
Oct 8-9           New Windsor, IL
Aug 27            South Elgin, IL
Aug 18            Winfield, IL
Aug 12            Muskegon, MI
Aug 9             Barrington, IL
Aug 4-8          Aledo, IL
Jul 30             Streamwood, IL
Jul 27             Chicago, IL
Jul 21              Somerset, WI
Jul 16              Durand, IL
Jul 10-14         West Chicago, IL
Jul 3               Bartlett, IL
Jun 26-Jul 1   Polo, IL
May 27           Madison, WI
May 12            West Chicago, IL
Apr 8              Huntley, IL
Mar 13            West Chicago, IL
Mar 11             Glen Ellyn, IL
Feb 26-28      Newark, IL
Jan 29-31       Baraboo, WI
Jan 22-24      Newark, IL

Dec 16            Glen Ellyn, IL
Nov 7-8          Bloomington, IL
Oct 10-11         New Windsor, IL
Sep 26            Streamwood, IL
Aug 29           South Elgin, IL
Aug 7             Muskegon, MI (Unity Christian Music Festival)
Aug 1              Hampshire, IL
Jul 20             Wheaton, IL
Jul 12-16         West Chicago, IL
Jul 11              Oshkosh, WI (Lifest Christian Music Festival)
Jul 5-10          Polo, IL
Jul 4               McHenry, IL (Summer Music Festival)
Jul 1                Mt. Prospect, IL
Jun 27            Chicago, IL
Jun 26            Gaylord, MI
Jun 14-19        Nashville, TN
Mar 20            Geneva, IL
Mar 8              West Chicago, IL
Feb 26            West Chicago, IL
Jan 23-25       Williams Bay, WI
Jan 16-18         Wyoming, IA
Jan 11              Addison, IL

Dec 21            West Chicago, IL
Dec 10            Glen Ellyn, IL
Dec 7              West Chicago, IL
Nov 7-9          Jerseyville, IL
Oct 24            Bartlett, IL
Oct 19             McHenry, IL
Oct 11-12         New Windsor, IL
Sep 27            Streamwood, IL
Sep 7              West Chicago, IL
Aug 27           South Barrington, IL
Aug 23           South Elgin, IL
Aug 17            McHenry, IL
Aug 16            Addison, IL
Aug 12            West Chicago, IL
Aug 8             Crystal Lake, IL
Aug 2             Hampshire, IL
Jul 27             Sugar Grove, IL
Jul 25             Wheaton, IL
Jul 18              Chatham, IL
Jul 13-17         West Chicago, IL
Jul 12              West Chicago, IL
Jul 5               McHenry, IL
Jun 22-27      Williams Bay, WI
Jun 4              Glen Ellyn, IL
Jun 1               West Chicago, IL
May 9             Streamwood, IL
May 2-3          Aledo, IL
Apr 6               West Chicago, IL
Mar 23            West Chicago, IL
Mar 7              Orland Park, IL
Feb 23            West Chicago, IL
Feb 21             Virden, IL
Feb 16             West Chicago, IL
Jan 17-20       Williams Bay, WI

Dec 18            West Chicago, IL
Dec 8             West Chicago, IL
Nov 27           West Chicago, IL
Oct 27            West Chicago, IL
Oct 12-13        New Windsor, IL
Sep 21            Belvidere, IL
Sep 14            West Chicago, IL
Sep 13            Orland Park, IL
Aug 24           South Elgin, IL
Aug 22           West Chicago, IL
Aug 17            Springfield, IL
Jul 28             Sugar Grove, IL
Jul 27             Wheaton, IL
Jul 19              Chatham, IL
Jul 17              Palatine, IL
Jul 12              West Chicago, IL
Jun 10            Palatine, IL
Jun 7              Wheaton, IL
May 17            West Chicago, IL
May 3             Lisle, IL
Mar 23           West Chicago, IL
Mar 21            West Chicago, IL
Mar 1-2           Indianapolis, IN
Feb 24           West Chicago, IL
Feb 15            Virden, IL

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